About AN Info Systems

An Info Systems GmbH is an international IT consulting expert house and was founded in the year 2000 in Germany. It’s sister concerns operate in Netherland, India, UK.

We delivery benefits to you with a difference, as we treat your investment with great care.

  • Doesn’t it piss you off, when you have to reinvest in a project within few years to keep it up with new changing demands ?
  • Doesn’t it pisses you off, as you have to reuse your best guys to sustain badly built project rather then use them for new innovative projects to that deliver’s financial benefits ?
  • Badly designed projects basically never end with development cycle.
  • Non Expert designs need constant change to accommodate small needs and it turns out to be very expansive and time consuming. It has serious impact on time to market and could mean business loss too.

We delivery innovative solutions with future changing needs in mind and guarantee 10 years survival.


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