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EMDG Accelerator for EBX Orchestra MDM

Pre built Models for most common data domains; namely Material , Finance, Vendor, Customer, Reference Data

EMDG Accelerator for EBX Orchestra MDM released to automate 5 data domains for ERP like SAP…millions saved

EMDG Accelerator for EBX Orchestra MDM

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IDMP Accelerator for EBX Orchestra MDM

Pre built Application and DB Model for IDMP Regulatory solution for Pharma Industry

It will save Millions in POC/Development and Shorten Go-Live needs

IDMP Accelerator for EBX Orchestra MDM<

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MDM Services Framework (SOA)

SAP Data Migration Framework

This framework gives a structured means to rol out various services within a MDM project along the lines of SOA directive of CIO’s. It enables assembly line apporach to design and development and operations apart from offering a common backbone that gives features like process control, audit & traceability for proces and data This framework enables you to perform data quality checks in a multi layer fashion and build the clean data objects to load in the final system like SAP. It allows for dealing with data objects from multiple countries at the same time and provides real-time processing feedback to the data senders.
Already used for biggest MDM project in world Already used for fortune 500 companies

Data Quality (DQ) Framework

Live Feed Services Framework

This DQ framework is really cool and ready to use solution using any kind of DB and other tools for ETL, presentation etc.
Supports various kinds of interesting reports for each data steward and provides data security feature too. Can feed any kind of data into it after applying rules to give good data issue picture to data owners.
This framework is similar to MDM SOA framework and provides all those features.It is quite useful for usage in SAP or other ERP projects where you need to build services to feed data in real time to ERP and have all error feedback back in real-time too.
Already used for fortune 500 companies Already used for fortune 500 companies

Informatica Deployment Tool for ETL and MDM product suite

CSF for Informatica MDM Custom UI

This tool enables automated deployment of all your work across various environemts, round the clock 24*7hr.
It supports deployments of ETL , Unix, DB and other kinds of scripts and gives full control and visibility, etc.
A composite services framework that can be used to extend the functionality of Informatica IDD product.
It can also be used to develop a custom UI based on it to provide full flexible UI experience to clients.
Already used for biggest MDM project in world.
Reports published or contributed

Reports published or contributed
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