Green Energy – Initiatives

ANFO Management has been always very keen towards Social causes and Environment Friendly solutions ( Green Energy ).
Life journey of DV, which influenced this new venture.
Solar Energy powered devices has touched my life as Kid, using Solar powered lights as alternate to low availability of electric in mountain areas of India.
My Family had farm houses outside of Delhi and there we used Solar powered pumps to Irrigate and power the house, with the same being used across other family farms. I even built a cowdung based gas plant for cooking and electric generation.
In 2007, I attended the first Bio Fuel Summit in Madrid to explore producing BioFuel in India, as I was producing Essential oils already in India at that time.
As said, your thoughts turn into energy and tend to attract similar energy, I attracted friends and ideas that fit the Green Energy. Partner company, M/s Green Energy Solutions, Delhi, has done many Solar projects, mainly for the Government sector. Latest large project, worth about 7million Euro, was to assemble, build, install, 25kwp Solar PV plants for 72 BOPs on various border frontiers.
Since 2019, was exploring EV market and in 2020 signed deal with EV Box to explore my next Green Venture. A big success of EV charger units lies in utilising the Solar Energy to keep it functioning 24*7, and thats where the Solar expertise in team will be most valuable.

In past, they also took initiatives into Bio-Fuel production in India.
Since last few years, associated partner companies has been involved in doing Solar power projects, mainly in Government sector for buildings and also along with country borders covering long stretch.

In 2020, we have picked up EV Chargers as another product to venture into in India. As a established Dutch company, we intended to promote a good quality Dutch EV product in India and as part of internal research, we have picked up EV Box as our partners.
​Launching a EU product is not easy in Developing nation like India, which is very Price Sensitive and our goal is to find solutions to make this happen a reality.
Our Solutions, will be unique, as we will be able to leverage our expertise in Solar power domain too, although additional research aspects are needed to be taken care.
We appreciate the assistance of Dutch Embassy and Dutch Government that supports initiatives to increase the export to India and we believe this will make a big difference.

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