EU-Dutch-EV Charger

In line with our Green Energy solutions drive, We are very pleasured to announce our partnership with EV Box.

We intend to launch their product range in Indian market to contribute to Green Energy aspects and also contribute to reducing pollution, that has wider health implications.

Some Highlights into EV Box Achievements is as below :
-A committed team consisting of 450+ EVBoxers of 47 nationalities, one-third in development and engineering
-82% YOY growth since foundation, with largest installed-base worldwide (100K charging points across 55 countries)
-Full-range AC and DC portfolio from 3.7 to 350 kW + smart charging capabilities
-Leading charge point operator (CPO) in one of the most developed EV charging markets (Benelux) with a network of 25K+ charging points
-Signed multimillion Tier-1 and Tier-2 Automotive deals
-Spun off Everon to become the go-to charging management system, which can support 8M+ charging sessions over ten consecutive days


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