Employees joining the company during next 24 months would get extra benefit of acquiring more shares in the company as early starters would be able to accumulate more bonus points and thus they would be highest profiteers from company profits in the coming years

Apart from the usual HR benefit offerings, we have what you always looked for :

  • We are among the few Elite Companies to implement “Gain Sharing HR System” to give a opportunity to employees to become Entrepreneurs by acquiring up to 2% shares .
  • Employees have the freedom to choose the place and type of projects they want to do.
  • Employees directly control the bonus they want to earn by doing extra contributions to revenue, business sales, overtime hours.
  • Being active shareholders, employees control the running of the company
  • Employees individual bonus/ rewards are guaranteed irrespective of peers/ overall company performance.
  • Our system allows you to earn like Freelancers along with the benefits of permanent employees and even higher earnings due to benefiting from contributions of other employees. Isn’t that cool!
  • Check out our exceptional HR Policies and Contract offers under Carrier/HR

**Increase your net income by additional 30% by availing the 30% expat tax benefit in NL for non Dutch Citizens. This is possible for you too by joining our NL office.


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