Automated Testing-MDM-EBX

Test Automation Strategy & Solution for MDM Applications like EBX

Business Needs are better served by Automated Testing
– Enable more frequest release and adopt more business needs more frequently
– Reduce Faulty releases and business disruption impact
– Reduce Testing Cost and Release cycle Time
– Reduce Technical team dependency for Agile releases

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MDM Release Challenges for Business Teams

– Non Stop Data Evolution
– Evolving Business Needs
– Increasing Deployment Cycles to cope with market needs
– Test cases and scenarios keep increasing
– Regression testing takes time, delaying releases
– Quicker releases demands shortcuts to testing, leading to product quality risks

Additional Benefit: Easy CICD Integration with Test Automation

Our clients benefit from our Test automation integrated with CICD pipeline
– Integrate Test Automation with CICD to speed high quality deliveries
– Invest in Test Automation to increase quality of testing
– Increase frequency of releases using test automation
– Eliminate the dependency on tester for releases

Test Automation-Solution-Approach 1

Using Cucumber, Jmeter, x-ray test management (Jira)
* We can adopt it to your set of enterprise tools for test cases and reporting

Jenkins Pipeline

Jenkins Pipeline

Reduce Cost and Release Time

Reduce Cost and Release Time

test flow

Test Flow

EBX MDM Automation Benefits- Real case

EBX MDM Automation Benefits- Real case


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