We are a consulting company with prime focus to assist our clients in resolving there business needs using our highly talented sustainable consulting workforce.

We specialize in:

  • Projects specification and implementation that are within the scope DWH, SAP, including designing and implementing application software that interface or will serve as transactional / processing system to provide the data source for DWH etc.
  • Translating business requirements to functional, technical specifications and eventually implementing them.
  • Assist clients in there bidding proposals for aspects like cost estimation, BPO setup & alignment, RFQs preparation & filling etc
  • Eliminating risks for system fixes, enhancement, support by assigning & retaining the key knowledge resources as active shareholders in the company

We are special and Non Traditional Work Force

  • Our employees are active shareholders and hence they offer sustainable contacts and support for long term
  • Our consultants are senior resources with entrepreneur/techno-commercial skills and hence not only offers high quality deliverables, but are able to understand the business needs in better way and translate them into robust solutions offering high ROI
  • Our large shareholders backbone offers means to handle clients requests with app solutions high level of responsibility and ensure quality deliverables timely

Above all

  • Our CEO has high credibility of delivering solutions before or on time. He has the most desired personality rating to run a business, execute a project and ensure high client satisfaction level ( ESTJ rating from MBTI Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

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