Letter from the CEO

A 360° perspective on working for us

Imagine a new kind of consulting company, one where the priority is employees and teamwork. A company built to sustain itself and provide consistent returns to its employees. If you have come to this page, maybe you work for one of those other companies or seeking a identity for yourself and/or rewards for your contributions etc etc. Maybe you are not satisfied with your company policy/ personal treatment/ job satisfaction/ work travel/ project selection etc. Imagine what could have been different?

I have been a client, vendor and a consultant. I have build several companies, including one of the most rewarding HR system. If you are wondering for your carrier, maybe it would help if you knew more about our offerings, values and culture?

We believe in a few fundamental principles:

  • Employee Commitment to our offerings is mentioned in our employment contract, converting doubt into reality.
  • Adding measurable value to our employee’s contributions to revenue, business sales, and overtime hours is the primary way we measure our employee’s worth and his bonus.
  • Balancing life with work and work with life requires flexible work schedules, a casual (but professional) environment, having fun and competitive benefits that recognize it is not just about work.
  • “Gain Sharing HR System” is implemented as core operating model; leading us to be a Elite Company and thus gives a opportunity to employees to become Entrepreneurs by acquiring up to 2% shares without any cash payment.
  • Project location choice is decided by Employees keeping in mind his personal life balance.
  • Employees control the bonus themselves by doing extra contributions to revenue, business sales, and overtime hours.
  • Clarity and Openness is highlighted in our operations by making the employees aware of all client contractual details and thus employee’s having full control of there revenues etc and assist them in calculating there bonus themselves.
  • Being active shareholders, employees control the running of the company
  • Our system allows you to earn like Freelancers along with the benefits of permanent employees and even higher earnings due to benefiting from contributions of other employees. Isn’t that cool!
  • Building a sustainable, great company is about making money. Making money is about hard work and sharing. When our customers make money, we all benefit. We share our profits throughout the company, not just with the senior leadership. We are about making money and creating wealth for our stakeholders and employees. We are proud and passionate about that. But we do it the old fashioned way…we earn it!

If these values seem like they fit, come join us and become a member of the family. Meet us in person to see our system details and satisfy your doubts.

**Employees joining in the initial phase of the company during 2008 would get extra benefit of acquiring more shares in the company as early starters would be able to accumulate more bonus points and thus they would be highest profiteers from company profits in the coming years

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